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Success Stories

Meet the people who are transforming their lives, families, communities and the world with Thrive™.

Recent News

In Their Own Words

  • Being a part of North American Power has made me a better leader, a better boss and a better person.

    Mark Cipparone
  • I chose to pursue the North American Power opportunity because I knew that if I didn’t give it a try when I had nothing to lose, and a lifetime of dreams to gain, I would never be able to look at my three small boys and say ‘Daddy is doing everything he can to give…

    Eric “Ozzy” Smith
  • Nick DeVito

    When I looked at the business opportunity, I really couldn’t say no. It was and continues to be the most unique business on the planet and I cannot wait to share it with thousands of people throughout the country.

    Nick DeVito
  • I now have a dream bigger than myself, new friends that care about my why and my success, and I know now that I don't have to go it alone. I have found a new FAMILY that supports me and stands beside me and sometimes even behind me when I need a push, and I…

    Eric “Ozzy” Smith
  • Devron Wilson

    My outlook and vision for my family and I over the next few years is crystal clear. North American Power has set me on a course to achieve the financial goals I want to achieve for my parents, wife, and children, simply by helping countless others dream again and providing them the resources and financial…

    Devron Wilson
  • The North American Power opportunity has allowed me to work my own hours and create an additional stream of income that continues to grow month after month. I have met some incredible people who I now consider very good friends. Whenever I need help, they are there. Oh yeah...and it didn't cost me anything to…

    Audrey Hallman
  • Mario Selitte

    I love seeing the glow on someone’s face when they realize how very simple it is to create change.

    Mario Selitte
  • I chose to pursue the North American Power opportunity to have more time to spend with my family, to be more financially free, and to give back to those who helped me throughout my financial struggles.

    Devon Parker
  • Because of North American Power, I will be able to do things like travel and take care of my mother in my home and not a nursing home! Leaving something for my children is also important to me, and North American Power affords me this opportunity.

    Barbara Holmes
  • You cannot place a price upon the peace of mind that comes from the North American Power opportunity. The ongoing development as a human being has been very precious to me. Specific areas of my life that were once deficient are now my strong points. And that is truly the magic of this opportunity.

    Michael O’Brien