Free Energy Challenge


Are you interested in MORE opportunity? With the Free Energy Challenge, great low fixed-rates, helping the environment, and the world around us is only part of the story. When a few of your friends and family choose to support renewable energy with you, you can get your energy for free! Now that’s something worth sharing!


It’s as easy as 1,2,3…

1. Sign up for any energy supply plan (greenelectricor cleangas) and you can immediately begin the Free Energy Challenge

2. Refer as few as 15¹ friends to become Customers

3. Get free energy every month, as long as your referrals remain active Customers

Just refer new Customers to one of North American Power’s energy supply products and you’re on your way to earning free energy!

Representatives with an energy supply product can earn income and pursue the Free Energy Challenge at the same time. That means, you could get about $1,000²  more each year from North American Power’s no-risk, no-investment opportunity.




MORE Customers. MORE referrals. MORE in your wallet!³

As you share with friends and family, some will want to become Representatives, while others choose to be Customers. Now, regardless of their choice, they’ll help your business grow. As your Customers pursue the Free Energy Challenge, they’ll be helping build your business for you. Your Representatives will want to refer more Customers too, so they can get the most out of their Opportunity. On top of all this, more referrals will choose greenelectric and cleangas, so they can complete their Free Energy Challenge faster and take advantage of our REwards™ program.

Don’t wait to get started– all new greenelectric or cleangas referrals will count starting Monday, August 26, 2013!

Look for additional announcements and details leading into the official launch in September.



1. 100%greenelectric or 100%cleangas Customers need 15 active billed referrals to qualify, and 25% Customers need 20 active billed referrals. Your referrals must be in the same utility category as your account, but they may choose either the 25% or 100% product.

2. Assumes average monthly energy supply credit of $85.

3. Refer to for full compensation details. All examples shown are for illustration purposes only. Actual results will vary. Additional details to come soon.