Renewable Energy Rewards


Go green, save green – with your FREE download of our REwards app!

Everyone wants to help the environment and make America more energy independent, but clean energy has always meant added expenses or cutting back. North American Power is changing that with our revolutionary new Renewable Energy REwards™ program. Now “going green” means more savings and clean energy can pay for itself!

As a 100%greenelectric,™ 100%cleangas™ or any American Wind® subscriber, you have exclusive access to the REwards™ nationwide-network of over 300,000 discounts, available in all 50 states. Plus, you can download the REwards™ app for Android and iPhone and save wherever you go – including 125,000+ mobile show-and-save coupons at your fingertips.

With REwards™ you’ll never miss a chance to save at thousands of name brands and local hotspots, whether you’re online or in-store.


LOG IN: as a Representative on to access Renewable Energy REward’s™ online features, or search the App Store/Google Play to download the mobile app, and enter your Representative ID when prompted.

SHOW-&-SAVE: Stop searching for coupons. With the Renewable Energy REwards™ app, thousands of coupons to popular local and nationwide merchants are now stored in one place – easy to access, easy to save. For participating merchants, simply display the coupon on your mobile device and present to the associate at checkout to redeem.

DEALS ON DEMAND: Use the built-in GPS deal locater to find savings at participating merchants in your immediate area.

BETTER THAN DAILY DEALS: Just like green energy, these savings are renewable, with no expiration or redemption restrictions on many offers.† Your commitment to a cleaner America means you can save again and again at the merchants you visit most, with exciting offers in categories including dining, entertainment, shopping, home services, health and beauty and more!


See the Website for the latest listings, special offers and full terms & conditions. Read complete offer for details. Subject to change without notice.


  1. This is one amazing association. Like I always said; consumerism got us into this mess, and (with the proper incentives – as in this being one) consumerism can get us out.

    • Very well said. Great vision. Doing well by doing good. This company has given us an opportunity to be Empowered; by empowering others with a choice for change. A change that supports the enviornment, everyday people, and charities. I cannot think of a reason NOT to support North American Power.

  2. I am so proud to be a part of this AMAZING MOVEMENT! With fantastic leadership and great support , anything is possible. I’m so happy and proud to be making a difference in this world with North American Power by my side all the way!

  3. The best company in the world hands down. NORTH AMERICAN POWER!! A dream come true company and a life changing opportunity.

  4. This is the worst I’ve ever seen it , President Obama is doing a great job even with all the distractions that he has to deal with he knows that energy independence , is what will strengthen the economy for years to come . Green energy is the way to go , change is not easy but we must do it to better our future .
    Highest unemployment since the depression in 1932 , green energy is creating jobs everyday .
    The jobs can’t be out sourced , but awareness of the future here today is taking longer then I expected . It’s ok we are going to do it .
    North American Power

  5. I agree Frank, GIVE the people something for their money. Especially, when their is no gas and electricity offered in their states such as MI, NV, and FL. Those people in those states don’t understand the concept so fast about American Wind so therefore they don’t see what are they getting for their money. Now finally they can see what their getting for their $19.50. This helps make it easier to recruit people into the business and then for them as well, and so fore and so on. Hey look at it like this, why are the talk show host so popular? They do giveaways!!!! The more giveaways they do the more popular they are, the more their show is talked about, thus the more their show is watched and people clamping to be in the audience for those giveaways, thus their ratings goes up. They have become a house whole name and THAT IS WHAT NAP WANTS TO BE(POPULAR-THUS A HOUSE WHOLE NAME). NAP do those giveaways (CHRISTMAS IS COMING). NAP Thank You