Jerry & Tracy Montgomery

18038ceTracy and her husband Jerry were involved with a home-based business in the past, but found they weren’t being paid fairly for the work they performed, and thus they were looking for a company they clicked with.

“The North American Power Opportunity just made a lot of sense to us, because it’s a product that everyone can relate to. It helps the environment with renewable energy, and the founders and executive staff are simply outstanding. We felt from the first time we met the upper management that everyone really cared about the Representatives, and we still do feel like we are valued. We are valued. The compensation plan is enough to confirm that, since it’s awesome! We’re contributing significant amounts to charities that do great work, and North American Power is helping the country by creating U.S.-based jobs. What more could you ask for?”

Tracy says that the education and training was a surprise, and not just for her. “The training on clean energy was a real eye-opener. Listening to our 7-year-old boy, Jadon, speak about green energy, and hearing him explain to his teachers that his parents work with North American Power and that we talk to people about going green… WOW! We see our future getting brighter every month. Every week! Since joining North American Power, we have been able to spend more time with our family, and help those who are in need of help. It has given us our life and freedom back. And in the future, it will help to pay for our sons’ colleges, and fund different community projects.”